Well Done Lauren

Ms. Lauren Thompson  has completed her Modern Apprenticeship at Applebys Solicitors in Bradford in conjunction with  BPP Law School in Leeds. She has obtained a Certificate in Advanced Legal Practice. She is seen here with her colleagues in the Clinical Law Department being presented her award by Senior Solicitor Mr Graham Balmforth.

Applebys Solicitor undertakes research into legal highs – Can You Help?


Legal Highs and Long Term Health Effects

Mr Graham Balmforth is currently studying postgraduate forensic medical sciences at Glasgow University School of Medicine as part of his dissertation he is looking at the effect of the UK phenomena  of “legal highs” he would be particularly interested in an anonymous or on the record conversation  with users of “spice” or any other “legal” substance and what the long term health effects have been for them. Mr Balmforth may be able to offer Inquest representation services to the families of those who have lost family members where a legal recreational drug has been thought to have contributed to death. In the first instance then please do email Mr Balmforth at graham.balmforth@applebys-law.co.uk

The Convicted Surgeon – Mr Ian Paterson



Yes, in fact at Applebys we have been pursuing actions against Mr Paterson for some time, long before his conviction and sentence. Paterson worked throughout the east and west midlands from the mid 1990’s and he has left behind him a trail of operations that could easily be described as sub-standard and in common parlance might be referred to as “botched”. In the earlier years of his career his practice was NHS based but increasingly his work was of a private nature. In either case there is clearly indemnity in place for his actions and his victims can rest assured that if they do have a case of negligence against him, a civil action can be pursued.


Paterson, essentially had 3 different negligent approaches, firstly he misdiagnosed, either patients who had no breast cancer or malignancy were diagnosed as having operable conditions. Secondly, patients with operable conditions were given a false “all clear”. Finally many patients who had operable conditions found those operations to be sub standard. It should be stated for the sake of completeness that not every patient he treated was “mistreated”, the majority of Paterson’s patients are likely to have received sound treatment. However, knowing which is which is going to take many years to determine.


We are working with some of the best most highly specialised breast and lung cancer Consultant Surgeons, Diagnostic Radiologists and Surgical Oncologists in the country to filter through these records for those who feel that they may have been subject to Paterson’s negligence. We do this on a no win no fee basis and once your records are gathered it may be a very rapid process to confirm whether or not you have a viable action.


It will cost you nothing for us to review your position. If there is no action or your action fails we write off our costs completely. If you do succeed in your action, we charge a maximum of 12.5% of your damages (half what most solicitors charge for such claims). Remember, this is a deduction from your winnings. If you lose there is no charge from us at all.


In almost all cases the answer is no, however, we cannot rule this out. Most serious actions like this however are subject to settlement or alternative dispute resolution such as mediation or arbitration. In any event we will support you all the way.

Ashley Talbot’s Mother Speaks to 5 Live

The mother of Ashley Talbot, the victim of an accidental death when struck by a school minibus, speaks to 5 Live about how this has affected her and her campaign for safer roads around schools.  Solicitor, Graham Balmforth of Applebys has acted as a Solicitor Advocate for the family at the inquest.


Inquest into the Death of Ashley Talbot – Statement by Mr Graham Gregory Balmforth of Applebys Solicitors, Solicitor Advocate for the Family

Date: 14th February 2017

Mr Graham Gregory Balmforth. Solicitor Advocate for the Family

This is a statement On behalf of the family.

The death of a child is a powerful reminder that all human life is precious and we share a world teeming with dangers that we as adults frequently dismiss. In the 21st century however, no child should die in road traffic accident on school premises. In schools more than anywhere else the safety of children should be uppermost in everyones minds.

This school was constructed through a PFI initiative. It is clear from the evidence that we have heard in Court that the staff of the school were never satisfied with the design and layout provided and that they struggled to provide a secure and safe environment given the design restrictions imposed on them.

The family are pleased to note that presently the Health and Safety Executive investigations are ongoing and they look forward to these being made public.

Ashley was a fun loving and enthusiastic boy with a sensitive nature and a sunny disposition. Even in the face of adversity, Ashley loved nothing more than to make people smile and he will be forever missed by those who knew and loved him.

The utter loss and devastation following the accident has left the family broken and they will never come to terms with the death of their only son in such tragic circumstances.

It has been an extremely difficult wait for the family in reaching this point today, however they wish to thank the Coroner and his officers for the sensitivity they have demonstrated and for the continued support of the local and wider community. Ashley’s mother Melanie, has been diagnosed recently with advanced breast cancer and now faces radical surgery,  she regrets not being present at the inquest but is regrettably, simply not fit to attend.

The family wish to channel their grief into a campaign for legal change and improved safety on school roads they are also grateful for the support passed onto them by Carolyn Harris MP whose own child died in  similar circumstances.

The family wish to thank PC Keith Davies  Sergeant Gethin Hewer and the Police team for their continued involvement and support during this time and for Mr Balmforth and Applebys Solicitors representation.

Ashley has been described as being ‘popular and well loved’ by his class mates, and the family want this to be the enduring memory of him.

Thank you.

‘Teacher driving minibus would not have had time to react before hitting pupil, inquest told’

An inquest looking onto the death of schoolboy Ashley Talbot, who was hit by a minibus driven by a school teacher, hears the driver would have had less than a second to react reports ITV online


‘Schoolgirl who saw boy run over by minibus had witnessed ‘five near misses’ reports ITV Online.


Five near misses had been seen previously by a schoolgirl who was a classmate of the victim, Ashley Talbot, an inquest into Ashley’s death has heard.

Ashley died as he left Maesteg Comprehensive School in December 2014.